(The following is a testimonial from Adam Velasques, president of Glacier & Malibu Pools (a professional pool service company). Mr. Velasques has not been compensated for his testimonial.)

This letter is to confirm that I have used and tested Rainforest Blue Swimming Pool Treatment and with great success. We service & repair over 220 Commercial-Residential swimming pools each month. I have to say the results that have been compiled are astonishing!

I am very particular on what I put in the pools I service. My own pool was used for this testing. Each day that went by I could see a change in my water. Before I added your Rainforest Blue treatment I took readings of the existing water conditions.


Three Week Trial Results Data

Before & After 3 Weeks Treatment

TDS*  1250  to  640
Calcium  540  to  325
pH  8.0  to  7.6
Chlorine  .5  to  .5
Alkalinity  160  to  120
Filter Pressure  12 lbs.  to  12 lbs.
(* Total Dissolved Solids)



Following the directions I applied the Rain Forest Blue Bacteriacide/Algaecide and adjusted the Copper level to 1.0 and then I put the Eco One Pool Conditioner in the skimmer. The next day my filter pressure went up to 27 lbs. So I backwashed the filter until my pressure was back at 12 lbs. again. After another 24 hours I checked my filter and the pressure was back up to 25 lbs. After backwashing the filter it went back to 12 lbs.

I noted on the third day that all the readings started to drop leaving the Chlorine stable.

After one week a considerable drop was noted. Surprisingly I found that after two weeks the TDS had dropped from 1250 down to 825. The water was clearer, softer and in balance.

The readings after 3 weeks were impressive, the Chlorine reading was still at .5 with no additional Chlorine added to the pool. This will save my company over 50% in Chlorine alone. The pH tested at 7.6 without using any pH additives to balance it. My Alkalinity was also down to 120.

The Calcium was a big surprise to me, it had dropped from 540 down to 325. Calcium is a big problem since it builds up around the equipment and on the tile at the water line. Calcium buildup causes unsightly stains and damage to the pool equipment. It will be a big help in keeping my cost down for equipment repairs and my labor cost to keep the tile clean.

The biggest drop of all was the TDS from 1250 down to 640, the clarity and softness of the water was beyond all my expectations.

I must say in this day and age with water shortages a product like this is a must. Pools and Spas will not have to be drained to remove calcium and the TDS. The chemical balancing and the lowering of the TDS in swimming pool water has not been possible by simply adding a product until now. Let alone a Non-toxic product.

Please let me know when I can start purchasing the Rain Forest Blue, it will be in our pools including mine.

Adam Velasques

Glacier & Malibu Pools


From a doctor in Atlanta: “I have used your product for several years in my personal spa and pool. It has been extremely effective and I highly recommend it.” – William W. Watson, M.D. (Atlanta, GA)

From a hot tub owner in Michigan: “My wife used to complain that I “smelled like a hot tub.” No more! It is really nice to relax in a tub and not smell chemicals anymore. We love your product.” A.C. (Michigan)


I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your pool and spa products. I have been using your pool and spa products for nearly six years and have been thrilled. One of the big fears people have in buying or building a pool in the first place is the cost of operation, (chemicals, chemicals, chemicals)! Shock, pH, chlorine, algaecide…..the list goes on and on. We saved hundreds of dollars and got a cleaner, safer, and a very natural pool.

Your products, “Pool Conditioner” and “Rain Forest Blue”, have been a major money and time saver. I put both in as directed and that was it! No muss, no fuss, and seriously inexpensive. Put them in and for a month, the water remains perfect.

What makes this particularly amazing is that our pool was initially very difficult to manage. We use well water to fill our pool and the minerals and bacteria used to make the pool cloudy and green. Now with Eco One Pool Conditioner and Rain Forest Blue, no problems. I tell everyone I know with pools and spas about your product.

The tag team of Rain Forest Blue and Eco One Conditioner has helped keep our pool crystal clear and clean without the ugly side effects of chlorine. We had a large pool party earlier this year and the day after the water was perfect without adding an ounce. In Northern Ohio, we have a fairly short swimming season and this year we got the maximum out of it thanks to your products.

My wife and I love your spa products almost as much! Same drill, we use Eco One Spa Treatment and Rain Forest Blue once a month and that’s it! A crystal clean spa every time.


Mark Straub