User Guide

(Please Read and Follow All Directions)

Thank you for choosing Rain Forest Blue, the finest pool and hot tub/spa bactericide and algaecide available anywhere. Starting Rain Forest Blue is easy. Simply start and continue using Rain Forest Blue according to instructions, and discontinue use of your current treatment methods. You’re sure too enjoy the benefits of soft, conditioned water, free of harsh and irritating chemicals like chlorine & bromine.

The User’s Guide provides all necessary information and instructions for the use of Rain Forest Blue in pools and hot tubs/spas. IMPORTANT: Please read this User’s Guide and all other materials and labels, and follow all instructions, guidelines and recommendations, BEFORE you use this product.


POOL & HOT TUB User Guide



Startup with Rain Forest Blue:

1) Add Initial Treatment: One ounce per 400 gallons of water.

2) Run Pump and Filter: Operate pump full time and clean filter each day for first 24-48 hours.

Continued Use of Rain Forest Blue: (See details below)

1) Add Weekly: Add about 1/4 – 1/3 of the initial treatment amount each week.

2) Monitor with the Rain Forest Blue Test Kit: Maintain a 0.6 – 1.0 PPM copper level.


Starting Your Pool or Hot Tub/Spa with Rain Forest Blue.

Rain Forest Blue may be used with cement, plaster, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, and fiberglass pools, hot tubs or spas, above ground or in ground. Simply start using Rain Forest Blue according to instructions, and discontinue use of your current treatment methods.

1) Initial Treatment. The initial treatment of Rain Forest Blue is one ounce per 400 gallons of water. One ounce is equal to two tablespoons (tbs.), six teaspoons (tsp.), or 30 ml. After the initial treatment, the correct amount of Rain Forest Blue is maintained by measuring the trace level of copper the product introduces into the water. The ratio of one ounce per 400 gallons to start produces the recommended copper level of 1.0 PPM (parts per million). This is lower than the drinking water standard for copper of 1.3 PPM. The Rain Forest Blue Test Kit is recommended. If you did not order this kit, you will need one to maintain proper levels. It is available online at

2) Run Pump and Filter. Operate pump full time and clean filter each day for first 24-48 hours. After that, operate your pump and filter as you normally would. Immediately upon application Rain Forest Blue begins killing bacteria and algae and conditioning your water.

Rain Forest Blue begins to work immediately on bacteria and algae, while conditioning and controlling the water. Although not usually, your water may cloud slightly upon initial introduction of Rain Forest Blue, but if it does it should clear in a day or so. This is a result of various water chemistries; some dissolved solids in your water become undissolved by Rain Forest Blue as it begins to work. Rain Forest Blue binds with these solids (dead algae and bacteria, salts and minerals, metals like calcium, iron, etc., or personal products like make-up, hair spray, deodorant, suntan lotion, etc.), precipitating them from your water by causing these particles to become large enough to be caught by the filter (see Calcium and Water Hardness below). During startup continue to filter, testing your water each day with the Rain Forest Blue Test Kit, and maintain a 1.0 PPM copper level. Your water should be clear the first day.


Continued Use of Rain Forest Blue.

1) Add Weekly. The initial treatment of one ounce (or 6 tsp.) of Rain Forest Blue per 400 gallons of water produces the recommended copper level of 1.0 PPM. To maintain that level, add about 1/4 – 1/3 of the initial treatment amount each week. The amount needed is determined by pool or hot tub size, water conditions, and water loss due to draining or splash out. Add the weekly amount each week while monitoring the level with the copper test and adjusting the amount as needed. You may use the pool or hot tub immediately after application.

2) Monitor with the Rain Forest Blue Test Kit. Maintain a 0.6 – 1.0 copper level. Each week, you will lose about 1/4 – 1/3 of the Rain Forest Blue as it combines with the dissolved solids as described above and is filtered out of the water. Adding 1/4 – 1/3 of the initial treatment amount each week (the weekly loss) will return your copper reading back to 1.0 PPM. At the end of each week and BEFORE the product is added for that week, you should get a copper reading of 0.6 – 0.8 PPM which is about 1/4 – 1/3 less then the 1.0 PPM reading you had at startup. Each week, if the test reads between 0.6 – 0.8 PPM BEFORE you add, continue with the weekly amount you have been using. If the test reads higher then 0.8 PPM, then you will need to adjust to somewhat LESS each week (like1/2 teaspoon or so less) than you were using, and if the reading is below 0.6 PPM, then you will need to adjust to somewhat MORE each week (like 1/2 teaspoon or so more) than you were using. Remember to maintain a reading of 0.6 – 0.8 PPM BEFORE the product is added, and a reading of 1.0 PPM just AFTER the product is added. Always be sure to allow time for the product to circulate evenly so as to get a good sample, and take the sample about 18″ below the surface. You will need to experiment somewhat, but follow these guidelines and you will quickly determine the “right amount” to add each week. This procedure is similar to the way you would test and add chlorine or bromine to achieve the desired level. Do not overuse.

Example: a 400 gallon hot tub requires two tablespoons (tbs.), or six teaspoons (tsp.) of Rain Forest blue as the initial treatment to produce a copper reading of 1.0 PPM. After that, you should be adding about 2 tsp. (about 1/3 rd of the initial treatment amount) each week. Before the product is added after the first week, test for copper. If it reads 0.6 – 0.8 PPM, add two tsp. If it reads below 0.6 PPM, add about 2 1/2 tsp., and if it reads above 0.8 PPM, then add about 1 1/2 tsp. Continue to add the amount needed to maintain your hot tub at 1.0 PPM. Re-test each week, and adjust accordingly. Again, you will quickly learn the correct amount for your tub.

Baquacil or Soft Swim Conversions. You may need to run your pump and filter 2-3 days for Rain Forest Blue to completely remove the residuals left by these products. Rain Forest Blue added to pool or hot tub water using polymeric biguanide products such as Baguacil and Soft Swim may turn the water brown or yellow, again a result of Rain Forest Blue precipitating these dissolved solids out of your hot tub water. Operate your pump and filter 24 hours a day and clean your filter twice a day while maintaining a 1.0 PPM copper level using the Rain Forest Blue Test Kit. Rain Forest Blue should remove these residuals out of your water clearing the water within 2-3 days.

Calcium and Water Hardness. Rain Forest Blue binds with calcium (and other minerals or dissolved solids) in your pool or hot tub water forming a large particle that can be caught in your filter. Normally, these dissolved particles are so minute they pass through the filter and back into the pool or hot tub unremoved. This removal of calcium is beneficial as increasing calcium levels (and other dissolved solids) cause staining and damage to your pool or hot tub as well as your pump, filter, and especially to your heating elements. Rain Forest Blue lowers and maintains calcium and mineral levels reducing hard water damage to your pool or hot tub and equipment.

Filter Cleaning and Draining. After startup, clean your filter as you normally would, about once a week. If you lose any water due to draining or splash out, the Rain Forest Blue in that amount will be drained out as well. For every 65 gallons of water drained, you would need to replace about one tsp. of Rain Forest Blue.

Other Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals. Rain Forest Blue is a primary bactericide and algaecide and is used instead of chlorine and bromine. Except for an occasional shock, it is the only bactericide and algaecide you should need. You shouldn’t need other chemicals as a normal maintenance item unless you have other water problems. You may use other products with Rain Forest Blue such as shocks or pH adjusters (maintain your pool between 7.2-7.8 pH), but the use of other bactericides, algaecides, stabilizers, metal adjusters, flocculants, or clarifiers are not needed or recommended. Unless you have source water problems, the only thing you should ever need to use in your pool is Rain Forest Blue, along with an occasional shock. If your hot tub is equipped with an ozonator or oxidizer, you may continue to use this device with Rain Forest Blue if you wish.

HOT TUB COVER TIP! Your hot tub cover absorbs moisture allowing bacteria to grow. Uninhibited bacteria growth will ruin a hot tub cover. As a regular maintenance item, adding a couple of ounces of liquid chlorine (liquid bleach will do, but pool chlorinating liquid is recommended) in your hot tub with the cover on, each week or so, will extend the life of your hot tub cover. Rain Forest Blue is not a gas, does not evaporate, and will stay in the water. Liquid chlorine has no stabilizers in it and will dissipate out of the hot tub water very quickly. This small amount of liquid chlorine (again just a couple of ounces) will quickly turn to gas leaving the water and getting up onto and into the hot tub cover killing the bacteria. If you use this method, you will not notice chlorine in your hot tub water as the amount is so low and it dissipates so quickly. If applied overnight, even testing equipment would not be able to detect chlorine, as most of the chlorine is out of the water in a few hours, and gone overnight. You will still maintain a chlorine free hot tub. There are other products available to do this, but liquid chlorine is easy, cheap, and gets the job done.

About Water Chemistry. There is a lot of different water chemistry out there, and each pool and hot tub is somewhat different. Water is different all over the country (or world). In addition, there are many different treatments such as chlorine, bromine, algaecides, clarifiers, shocks, antifoaming agents, metal adjusters, alkalinity adjusters, pH adjusters, etc. People introduce personal products into the water such as deodorants, make-up, suntan lotion, perfume, hair spray, body oils, etc. Airborne substances also invade the water like bacteria, algae spores, dust, dirt, rain, leaves, pollen, etc. Source water contains all sorts of dissolved minerals and contaminants. This myriad of chemicals and substances causes water chemistry to become extremely varied. Rain Forest Blue conditions and controls the water and is effective in a very short time in almost all cases. Our customer satisfaction is high evidenced by continual reorders of the product, as well as new referrals from existing customers. If you seem to have a problem with your water chemistry, please e-mail to and one of our technicians will be happy to help you. We can almost always solve water chemistry problems.

For Your Information. The information contained in this Guide is, to the best of our knowledge, reliable and accurate. Suggestions contained herein are the opinion of Rainforest Blue and Environ Intercontinental, LTD; you should determine for yourself whether these products are suitable for your application and objectives. Rain Forest Blue, and Environ Intercontinental, LTD. make no guarantee of satisfactory results from reliance upon this Guide and disclaim any liability for any resulting loss or damage. This information is not intended to supersede or conflict with federal, state, or local statues or regulations.

About This Product. Rain Forest Blue is a non-chlorine, non-bromine, pool & hot tub/spa disinfectant and algaecide. This great product sanitizes your pool and/or hot tub without using toxic halogen chemicals like chlorine and bromine. Tests have shown that Rain Forest Blue kills pseudomonas, E-coli, salmonella, cholera, shigella (Montezuma’s Revenge), and other forms of coliform bacteria as well as green, yellow, brown, and black algae as good or better than ANY pool or hot tub product. Your water is soft and clear with no odor. Used as directed, it works as claimed and is perfectly safe for people and pets. Non-toxic and non-irritating in your pool and hot tub, Rainforest Blue is safe, easy, and effective. Our customers love this product, and we’re sure you will too!